She Thought She Had Become Pregnant, But When She Went To The Doctor's She Found Out She Had Cancer

Remembering Demi Wright

At just 22 years old, Demi Wright was excited and worried when doctor's told her she was pregnant. Soon later, in February 2016, she passed away from a rare aggressive form of cancer. IN November 2015, she went to a doctor because of a pain in her abdomen. The doctor preformed a test, and found elevated levels of hormones associated with pregnancy. Thinking she was pregnant, and suffering from pregnancy cramps, the doctor sent her to a maternity ward. When the spot became more painful, doctors took another look and found a 12-centimetre tumour.

Months Had Passed

Demi suffered through the pain for months, believing the doctors, thinking she would be bringing a baby into the world. When she realised that she had no other signs of pregnancy, worried she went back to get a second opinion.