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Eyewatch Aims To Take On The Big Cable Companies

If you are looking to cut your cable & save some money while still having access to live TV, you should take a look at the new Eyewatch TV service. Eyewatch has created a 4k TV box that streams 100% legal content for a low monthly subscription fee. They call their service Entertainment 3.0, and it has over 100 premium channels. You also have access to a netflix styled service with the largest library of movies and TV shows available – four times the size of Netflix.



The service is similar to Tech Savvy in that you buy your box outright, then save on your monthly TV subscription. The boxes are only $149 CAD, and the subscription is $49 CAD/month. Compare that to cable subscriptions that are $100+ a month, and you have some amazing savings.


You can check out the eyewatch service on They also have a Kickstarter if you want to be an early adopter & start saving now!


Here is the list of channels available on Eyewatch’s Entertainment 3.0
eyewatch channels